Gayatri has practiced yoga and meditation since childhood. Following an illness and back injury, she turned to yoga as a means to return balance to her life. Educated as a nurse, Gayatri has repeatedly witnessed how yoga compliments western medicine and empowers practitioners to take responsibility for their own health and wellness. After a 20 year career in health care, Gayatri now focuses her efforts on healing through yoga. “The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself; we simply need to create the right conditions to allow this to happen. Yoga helps create these conditions.”

Gayatri brings a nurturing gentle energy to the class creating an environment where students can go within to discover their true selves and make positive life changes from the inside out. Knowing that each student is their own greatest teacher, she simply guides them on her quest for union of mind, body and spirit.

Gayatri has been teaching yoga since 2005 and in 2009 completed advanced training with Yogi Vishvketu attaining her 500 hour E-RYT designation. Gayatri offers one-on-one therapeutic yoga for individuals suffering with traumatic injuries, chronic physical, emotional or life threatening illnesses. She also works with individuals recovering from addiction and trauma.

Gayatri is the director of the Bodhi Tree Yoga Teacher training program and owner and director of the Bodhi Tree Yoga Centre.